It depends on how many times you want to

transplant them before you put them in the yard. Any container with drain holes in it (think ice pick or drill bit to do this) and seed starting mixture will work. A lot of people use yogurt cups or the bottoms of egg cartons, or heck even half egg shells.
The smaller the container the more you have to transplant to larger containers as the plants grow to keep them from getting root bound. They also sell starter pots and pellets at places like Wal-Mart, but I tend to scrounge freebie stuff from around the house to start my plants.
As for warmth. They sell heating mats, or if you have a heating pad you can use for damp heat warmth you can use that on the bottom. With colder temps you can tent over it with fabric or plastic. Ie: a mini indoor greenhouse.

The original plan had been to kill it today

but…the tranny is acting up on our dually so we decided it would be better to put it in the shop for a tune-up rather than have to buy a transmission for it in a few months. Plus I cannot see to drive truly safely right now (double vision) and therefore need to get glasses to adjust that AGAIN, dadburn thyroid. Any leftover from that, if there is any will go on the debt, but I am afraid it won’t be enough to kill it. All depends on the truck repair costs.
Next month’s check goes to IRS (got to laugh about using money from the government to pay the government) so it may be April or later before we can really start killing the bills. Really not the way we had it planned at all.

I take that challenge

but then I’ve been challenging myself on getting things done all month so I already know my list easily (today’s blog post link below).
1.Take dually in for all truly necessary work.
2.Keep up my daily office challenge—I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
3.Do returns on defective items
4.Nudge dh to finish the state taxes
5.Nudge the guys to help me clear the office closet of all we can

My homework:

I checked out TMMO again and actually am reading it this week. On Saturday, which was the first, I started bs1. I have almost $100 saved. I make less than $20,000, so I’ll save $500, but I my goal for this month is to save more. If I save ore than the 500, cool, if not, I’m not going to let it get me down! I am focused! We shall see where I end up at the end of the month.I will work on my budget tonight.Before I got serious, my crew leader would always say I am tight with my money. Ha ha!Donna who is going gazelle in GA.

I really love the Michael’s and Hobby Lobby aps

for my android phone because I now never get to the store without my coupon! No printing, just show it on your phone. In fact at my local Michael’s I tell them I have the ap and they don’t even look at it on my phone, just enter it.
I really like that the coupons can be used once per day. So if you are wanting to buy several items you can shop on various days and get the discount on all of them. Dh and ds have the aps on their phones too, so if we are doing a major craft shopping we all three pick up something at the same store visit at the 40-50% off on sale prices the same day.

Birthday wishes, thanks everyone

I had a great day yesterday. I had been forbidden to do anything more than necessary. So I fed and watered the critters, then spent the day on the web.
I received so many wonderful well wishes from everyone I can’t begin to say thank you enough.
Dh cooked homemade chicken nuggets for our dinner (ds is using coupons to take us out to dinner this weekend when we can go at a leisurely pace and the world isn’t so cold) and then they gifted me royally.
I received two punch boards for my card/craft making—one to make envelopes and one to make gift boxes with. Then the really big surprise—I got the Cuisinart deluxe grill/griddle! I did not expect that at all because of the price of the silly things. I really wanted one not only for now, but for when we are traveling and can use the electric at the campsites for free instead of our propane (always the tightwad), but I couldn’t justify the cost of one yet. However, dh had shopped a Black Friday sale, AND used a coupon and got it for a very good price which ds had split with him. The guys said they had also got the punch boards using coupons. So while I had a very high dollar birthday they got it at a bargain basement price.
I had to laugh at this because in 2009 neither of them would have ever considered going out on Black Friday, or using a coupon little on stacking them. Now, after going into five years of DR they can’t imagine shopping any other way. My how much better our lives are now because we “drank the Koolaid”.
Today is back to the real world, with house work, budget keeping, animal care and playing with my punch boards and embosser.