Your welcome

I tend to look at a glass half empty and decided to quit my grumbling… my home might not look like much… but its MY home… and you are right…a wonderful hubby and 4 wonderful boys, a great dil and 2 dil’s to be this year, and I decided if I didn’t like how something looked in my home this year, I would go through what I have and make a satin purse from a sows ear!

Wow, what an amazing story!

And when you do look back, you realize all your four walls were taken care of. You did it. By the grace of God.
You may even have non money blessings, like a strong marriage, a child who is going to college but who knows what hard work is, your health, self sufficiency by growing a garden and I’m sure lots more.
It’s stories like yours that make me truly thankful for what I have too.
Thanks for sharing!