The option you mention would put me all at 6’s and 7’s

Right now I’m really gazelle intense ( selling off all our rendezvous stuff folks) so the temptation would be to go for it. However, having not so long ago finding ourselves so suddenly unemployed for 18 months and needing the accumulated vacation pay to get through our “unemployed time” I was very thankful we had the built up vacation time to help us along. I would be reluctant to give up that security blanket.
I also have to ask about the legality of you only getting 90% of your vacation time. What does fair wage and hour say about earned vacation time in your state?
As someone else has mentioned, what about burn-out? My mother was a nurse aide (I know you are a nurse) but the work for the two can be equally as draining. She really needed her vacation time for a change of pace.
So let me make an entirely different suggestion—I’m known for thinking outside the box around here.
How about taking some of that vacation time and doing an entirely different part time job for that time period? It would net you two incomes. The vacation time at 100% and say deliveries for the same time period as a fill in driver? OR take the time to go inch by inch through your home to find everything you could sell? If it’s not a violation of your contract, be a temp nurse for someone while their home nurse goes on vacation.
Even if the second temporary job would be delivering pizzas it would be a change of pace—something nurses need, and you would get 100% of your nursing pay, PLUS the income you would generate for that 2.5 weeks pay. Doing this idea could net you more for your debt than taking 90%.